In Search of the Blue Flower

In Search of the Blue Flower


Book one of our new Scottish Artists Series, in partnership with Edinburgh University Press:
In Search of the Blue Flower, Alexander Hamilton and The Art of Cyanotype

The first book in the Scottish Artists Series celebrates the 50-year career of the artist Alexander Hamilton. His work within the medium of cyanotype has led to international exhibitions, residencies, and public art projects. The book charts his beginning, from his early inspiration of the Caithness landscape, to his time at Edinburgh College of Art and the impact of the landmark exhibition Strategy: Get Arts (1970), where he assisted artists such as Joseph Beuys, Stefan Wewerka, and Blinky Palermo.
Hamilton recounts his first residency on the remote Island of Stroma in the Pentland Firth in 1973, and his journey takes us to New York and Paris, and then returning to establish his studio in Scotland. Throughout this period, he has sought to work with plants; to share their stories by revealing their unique presence with the medium of cyanotype. 

The book has contributions from leading curators and academics who have written about his work, including Mike Ware, James Berry, Richard Ovenden, Christian Weikop, Vanessa Sellars, Euan McArthur, Julie Lawson, Gemma Rolls-Bentley, Howard Hull, Jaromir Jedlinski, Piotr Tryjanowski, Christine Gunn, and Sara Stevenson 

The publication contains a comprehensive selection of his unique cyanotypes, starting from the beginning of his engagement with the medium in 1971, to the work he completed at a residency in 2018.

It is a lavishly illustrated book of 168 pages with 136 colour illustrations. Available from October 2022. 

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