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Studies in Photography Journal 2020 callum colvin
2020 Summer Edition

2020 Summer Edition

A new format with a new designer. After 4 years we have decided to refresh our journal – Studies in Photography. Our Editor, Julie Lawson, captures the times we are living in, in her response to the Studies front cover.

"One of our New Contemporaries, Christina Webber, has made work that expresses the way in which we may become obsessed with and even dominated by the information technology at our disposal. We had selected one of her photographs for the front cover while unaware that we would soon become effective prisoners in our own homes, in thrall to the devices that keep us connected to the outside world and distracted by ‘the luminous digital somewhere else." Julie Lawson

"We are excited about the results and look forward to hearing your responses to it." Alexander Hamilton – Chair SSHoP and Co-Editor Studies in Photograph

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