Leaves Issue Two
Leaves Issue Two
Leaves Issue Two
Leaves Issue Two
Leaves Issue Two

Leaves Issue Two

The editor of Leaves is Sara Stevenson, the renowned Hill & Adamson scholar, and former Chief Curator of Photography at the National Galleries of Scotland. The new journal offers an eclectic mix of writings and poems, on themes of nature and wellbeing, illustrated by leading photographers.

Leaves looks at issues of nature, health, wellbeing and creativity from different perspectives. Featuring work from contributors including writers, photographers, scientists, and curators, Leaves is both verbally and visually rich, containing thought-provoking articles, evocative poems, and stunning images of the natural world. 

This issue includes work from:

Wendy McMurdo

Stephen Lawson

Mari Mahr

Patricia Macdonald

Jennifer Gough Cooper

Robert Macfarlane

Maggie Carson

Kat Gollock

Alex Finlay

and many more!


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