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Susan Derges Illuminatio photograph print
Susan Derges

Susan Derges

Limited edition of 25
Signed and numbered by the artist on a Certificate of Authenticity
C print on Fujiflex paper
Image Size: 280 x 209 mm
Paper Size: 280 x 209 mm

“Illuminatio” is the final image in a sequence of photographs of wine being distilled into Aqua Vitae or pure spirit. The image is a time exposure of the alcohol created in a glass alembic and collected in a glass retort, burning off in a crucible over a period of about 8 minutes.  Based on a set of 16th century alchemical vessels that were uncovered in the basement of the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford in the year 2000, the sequence indicates how early science did not differentiate between processes unfolding within the material world and the human soul.

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