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Andy Wiener Love Scene No 5, Love photograph print
Love Scene No 5, Love Andy Wiener photograph print
Andy Wiener
Andy Wiener

Andy Wiener

Love Scene No 5, Love
Open edition for Studies Editions
Signed and numbered by the artist on a Certificate of Authenticity
Archival pigment print on Inkjet pro Pearl paper
Image Size: 272 x 222mm
Paper size: 305 x 254mm

“Children play with the dolls of Barbie, Ken and He Man in their imaginative play. In this body of work participants wear masks of the children's dolls Barbie, Ken and He Man. In doing so they take on the identity of these dolls. An imaginary story is told.
This image from 1988 was made before Photoshop. Nor is it a montage. Participants wore flat photographic masks of Barbie and Ken that obscured their faces, so in a way the humans became dolls and the dolls became human. In this photograph Barbie inevitably falls in love with Ken - ‘they were made for each other’. However, one of the Barbies - the one sitting on the sofa - is not quite sure she has made the right choice. Beneath the sofa, lurking in the back of her mind, is He-Man. Love Scenes is a body of work of 13 images.”
-Andy Wiener
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