Studies for Mind

Studies for Mind was a month-long fundraising sale of photographic prints by some of Scotland’s leading photographers that raised over £10,000 for Support in Mind: a Scottish organisation providing crucial support and resources for those living with a mental health issue.

We are so thrilled with the positive response we had to the sale, and so grateful for the support we had from Support in Mind and A and M Imaging for printing stunning giclée prints at a subsidised rate. 


 Karen Knorr, High Art After The Deluge/ Sanctuary from The Academies, 2000 

Thank you to:

Colin Andrews
Alex Boyd
Jane Brettle
Anne Brodie
Alicia Bruce and Jenny Bell Harman
Al Brydon
Chris Close
Calum Colvin
Douglas Corrance
Simon Crofts
Susan Derges
Dalziel + Scullion
Peter Dibdin
Jolanta Dolewska
David Eustace
Garry Fabian Miller
Sandy Garbut
Robin Gillanders
Ross Gillespie
Alex Hamilton
Julie Howden
Tom Hunter
Dominic Ibbotson
Peter Kennard
Karen Knorr
Steve Kirkpatrick
Csilla Kozma
Sylwia Kowalczck
Kenny Lam
Chrystel Lebbas
Chris Leslie
Norman Macbeath
Patricia Macdonald
Graham MacIndoe
Sekai Machache 
Pradip Malde
Tricia Malley
Wendy McMurdo
Rebecca Milling
Margaret Mitchell
Simon Murphy
Alice Myers
Euan Myles
Mark Osborne
Reuben Paris
Lindsay Perth
Natalia Poniatowska
Susanne Ramsenthaler
Sophy Rickett
Frances Scott
Kate Soltan
Oana Stanciu 
Ilisa Stack
Iain Stewart
Christina Webber
David Williams 


Al Brydon, Untitled, From the series 'As I Wander', 2014

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